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USDA CHOICE Meat At Food Town

CHOICE Meat at Food Town Market

USDA CHOICE Makes Our Beef Better!

Providing exceptionally tender and flavorful beef doesn’t just happen by chance. There are a number of extra steps we take to ensure every USDA CHOICE steak and roast cooks up tender and juicy every time. Choice roasts and steaks from the loin and rib will be very tender, juicy, and flavorful and are suited for dry–heat cooking.

Grain Fed

Our cattle are all grain–fed for fine marbling that contributes to the flavor and juiciness of our beef.

Expertly Aged

Aging helps enhance the melt–in–your–mouth tenderness of our beef.

Hand–Selected And Hand–Cut

Every cut of our beef is hand–selected for consistency and hand–cut daily right in our stores for the ultimate freshness.


While we hang our hat on tenderness, our beef is graded USDA CHOICE, meaning it’s specially selected to be juicier and more tender than most other beef.

Tested Tender

We adhere to strict control points for tenderness and have tested hundreds of thousands of beef samples to set our baseline.

So when you’re wondering what all those beef grades mean, you can see where ours stacks up!
  • • Prime
  • • Choice
  • • Select
  • • Standard/Inspected