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Food Town Fresh Market Fuel Rewards

Food Town and Speedway have teamed up to save you 40ยข per gallon on FUEL!!

Our Discount Fuel Program gives you the opportunity to purchase a fuel card at both Food Town locations

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to purchase groceries to qualify for the discount fuel card?

Yes, you are eligible to purchase one $25.00 Speedway gas card for every $50.00 spent on groceries on one shopping trip. (Excludes Rx, beer, wine, liquor, tobacco, lottery & money orders)

How much do I have to pay for my discount fuel card?

Cards are available in $25.00 denominations for 40 cent fuel discounts

Fuel rewards program at Food Town Fresh Market

Can I buy more than one 40 cent discount card?

Yes, you can purchase one $25.00 card for every $50.00 you spend at Food Town

$50 = 1 card
$100 = 2 cards
$150 = 3 cards

Can I bring in my receipt from a previous shopping trip to qualify for a discount fuel purchase?

No, fuel purchases must be made at the time of the grocery purchase. You may use the same method of payment for your fuel card and your groceries. In fact, it can be done all in one transaction

Can I return my discount fuel card to Food Town?

No, sales on discount cards are final. Simply throw the card away after the full value of the discount card has been used

Who do I call for help if I have trouble with my card?

The Speedway Customer Service number is 1-866-836-6841